Carlin Combined School

Carlin Combined School, located in Carlin, Nevada, is part of the Elko County School District and home to approximately 290 K–12 students. Our roots run deep in this rural farming community, and our small size makes us family. At Carlin, we’re proud to be a STEM school, which is just one way we empower our students with the tools they need to succeed in our rapidly evolving world.

A Message from Our Principal

Carlin Community Families,

I just wanted to say “welcome” to the 2022–2023 school year at Carlin Combined Schools! Over the summer, there have been many new changes that we are confident will be refreshing and create “new beginnings” at your school. Our new motto for this year that we know is relevant for these times and sets both high expectation in behavior and academics is a “Grit, growth, mindset.” This is defined as courage, resolve, bravery, strength of character through tenacity, stamina and endurance, resilience, and passion in a difficult journey of setbacks to achieve your personal goals. Never stop learning. Never, never quit! Wow, that’s a lot! We intentionally choose to approach this new year with a willing, teachable, and flexible heart attitude that helps each of us discover our own destinies in this epic adventure! 

As a school, we are in the business of building relationships, and as a result, students will want to learn. We will “speak life” into your students by giving them our best words and will help them recognize and pursue their potential. We will encourage building a healthy identity that’s shaped by how and what we speak into our students. We choose to focus on the strong traits they possess and praise them in the moment so the positive becomes bigger. By building this positive, healthy relationship with them, we will feed their unique identity with unconditional love. We will help them to “fit in,” be heard, and be accepted! We will demonstrate belief in their potential and that we are all a part of something great—a growth mindset vision!


Jesse Sabo, Principal